Class notes- – 18-10-2017

In class we looked at the structure of sentences and your translations of the examples I had given you for homework. We discussed how to translate tenses and why it is important to understand how the English language treats time differently than the Italian language.

For homework I would like you to complete an example exam from 2015-2016 in order to understand the kind of work we will be doing during the school year. I will send this example and other documents to the school (to send to you via email). I will also try to upload them to the platform. Hopefully by next week all of the class notes and homework will be uploaded here.

For those of you interested in the extra hour of English conversation- I would like to hold the “lab” on Wednesday afternoons at around 5PM. Please let me know if that creates a conflict with your other classes.

Have a lovely week.

Prof.ssa McIntyre