Class notes- Lingua Inglese 2- 18-10-2017

Hello students,

I will try to post your class notes and homework each week the day after class. I have uploaded a file here for homework- please let me know if you are able to see it and download it correctly.

In class (18-10-2017), I introduced the course and gave you a general idea of the things we will be discussing during the year. We also began to review some basic grammar concepts and discussed tenses and modal aux. verbs. I would like all of you to do an old final exam for “Lingua 1” from 2016 in order to discuss and review concepts you have already learned throughout your high school and university studies in our next lesson.

I would like to offer a “conversation lab” (free of charge) on Wednesday afternoons at around 5pm. Please let me know if this creates a conflict with any of your other classes.

Have a lovely week.