Class notes- Trad.Attiva 3 Inglese – 18-10-2017

Hello students,

It was wonderful to come back and find all of you well and ready to start the year. We have a lot of work to do and only one year to do it in.

As you know, I always upload my notes and homework. I still need to understand how this platform works but I did manage to upload your homework with this article. Please let me know if you are able to download the material.

In class (18-10-2017), reviewed all of the glossary work (files) we had covered in Avviamento alla traduzione-

  1. Criminology – US legal terms
  2. Marketing PDF terms
  3. Medical terminology PDF
  4. Environment and Ecology PDF
  5. Real estate glossary

Please let me know if you do not have any of these files.

We also began the translation for “Bandi” 2015- please complete this for the next lesson.

Have a wonderful week.