Lab anno 1- Cultura/Educazione (MN)

In class 15/05/2019 we had our final discussion about Cultural Issues in intercultural mediation and the education system in Italy.

On 22/05/2019 you will all have your final presentations. They must be 5-7 minutes long and include visuals. Here is the grading chart for the “exam”:

Griglia valutazione Presentazione

Here is the schedule:

Final Presentations for Culture and Education Lab 16 Mantova

Final Presentations for Culture and Education Lab 22-05-2019:


  1. Silvia Bragantini- Verona
  2. Elena Cigarini- Fashion in Italy
  3. Ilenia Fiorillo- Notre Dame
  4. Vittoria Ghiardelli- Science in Italy
  5. Maria Carolina Gorni- Mantova and its culture


  1. Giulia Luppi- Rome
  2. Lorenzo Nicoli- Queen Victoria
  3. Jessica Peroni- Experiences in the USA
  4. Veronica Santi- African Traditions
  5. Silvia Spano- Madegascar


  1. Elisa Setti- Kenya
  2. Giorgia Quintarelli- To be announced

Have a wonderful day and I will see you in class!