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There are many ways to learn English.
Unicollege ways are geared to prepare you for professional employment.
Become a criminology and cybersecurity expert

You will be a criminal activities expert, you will analyse and understand very important texts of social relevance, operating in the workforce within investigative, scientific and forensic realities.

Become a manager in tourism

You will learn to plan, organize and promote local tourism, national and foreign, you will operate in touristic organizations with great commercial competences valorising development and European identities.

Become a fashion & design management expert

You’ll examine the world of Fashion and Design, sectors where the knowledge of languages refines and improves the performance of market’s analysis, of the development of advertising campaigns, of the start-up phase management and the research for new markets and buyers.

Become an oenology and food-farming system expert

You will master the marketing rules of the food & beverage’s market, you will be capable of valorising the territorial resources and you will develop models of growth and distribution for Italian food and wine excellences.

Become a marketing and communication expert

You will learn business management and the stages of business communication, mastering interlinguistic communication tools and becoming a new Medias, marketing and public relations expert.

Become an international and diplomatic relations expert

You will manage collaborations with foreign countries, you’ll implement international cooperation programs and you will pursue diplomatic relations for security and peace.

Become an intercultural communication expert

You will study the legal, economical and anthropological aspects of the migration and integration processes in order to work for educational institutes, to be part of the workforce of training and cultural entities, of tribunals and private organizations.

Become (Italiano) un mediatore linguistico in 3 lingue straniere

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With Unicollege’s three-year degree courses in Linguistic Mediation in Mantua and Florence, you will apply language studies to specific professional sectors. Which one the discipline for you?


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(Italiano) Seconda lingua
Il livello di ingresso della seconda lingua è B1 per Francese, Spagnolo, Tedesco; A2/B1 per Russo, Arabo, Cinese, Giapponese.

Terza lingua
Il livello di ingresso della terza lingua è B1 per Francese, Spagnolo, Tedesco.
Russo, Arabo, Cinese, Giapponese possono essere attivati sia da livello A0 che da livello A2/B1. Per il livello A0 non c’è test di ammissione.

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