If you wish to transfer to Unicollege Mantua and Florence, you must submit your request to your current university. The registrar office will decide whether to award all or just some of the sustained exams and the acquired credits. It will also indicate what year you can enrol to and, if applicable, the retaking of failed exams.


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(Italiano) Seconda lingua
Il livello di ingresso della seconda lingua è B1 per Francese, Spagnolo, Tedesco; A2/B1 per Russo, Arabo, Cinese, Giapponese.

Terza lingua
Il livello di ingresso della terza lingua è B1 per Francese, Spagnolo, Tedesco.
Russo, Arabo, Cinese, Giapponese possono essere attivati sia da livello A0 che da livello A2/B1. Per il livello A0 non c’è test di ammissione.

Seleziono la seguente combinazione linguistica:
English and
English, e
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to have graduated from High School from the school in with the grade on
to have registered to attend the fifth year of High School at in

Acconsento al trattamento dati personali ai sensi del D.L.G.S n. 196/03 e del GDPR 679/16 – Privacy Policy

La quota d'iscrizione al test di ammissione è di 60 euro per le due lingue e di 100 euro per le tre lingue The registration fee for the Test is 60 euro 60 euro
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Unicollege gives you the opportunity to pursue the study of a single discipline, taking its respective exam. By attending the Single Courses you won’t be bound to register for the entire Degree Program Course.


  • You will have to be in possession of a High School diploma. You won’t be able to apply for Single Courses if you have stopped or if you have suspended your studies at SSML Unicollege.


  • Upon request, you could obtain a certificate for the courses you have attended, the completed examinations and the credits achieved that will be validated and awarded in case you want to register for a Course of Study or a Master’s Degree.ApplicationTo apply, follow the guidelines provided in the form.